Living room in blue

Blue is a very stylish color with many variations. Let’s take a look at some designs in blue:   And here is the design in blue by David Zylbermann Interiors Ltd:  

“White On White” Article in Makor Rishon Newspaper.

On May, 11th, 2012 a new article was published in Makor Rishon newspaper. The article named “White On White” by Hagit Sasar tells us about David’s own apartment. By Hagit Sasar • Photographer — Ilya Gitelman from הדיירים: דוד ודבי זילברמן, בני 50, דוד עלה מצרפת עם משפחתו בשנת1971, והוא המעצב של הדירה. דבי […]

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