Contemporary bathtub can be painted as a bee or attached to a wall. It can make an adventure out of every bath you take. This post is dedicated to the most strange and creative bathtubs from around the world.

Massimiliano Della Monaca created heels that no woman will get tired walking on. In fact, even men could use these!


Do you like sea journeys? I bet¬†Wieki Somers does. Her ‘Boat Bathub’ is ready for the sail!


Ypsilon company from Italy develops bathtubes that can fit into the most expensive interiors. For example, this vertical bathtub is rather stylish.


Vanessa Mancini embodied the expression “absorbing knowledge”. The ‘Bath of Knowledge’ is entirely made of real books. Quite a creative concept.


‘Ocean shell’ by Bagno Sasso AG from Sweden.


And the last two are about colors. The Bee and the Taxi tub will add a lot of fun to any bathroom.


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