Well, needless to say that the hood is a must in the kitchen to eliminate odors and to limit the condensation that may spoil the walls and the furniture in the kitchen. But we’ll surely not forget the interior design of the kitchen, when we get to installing that hood. Can we combine two functions: practical and decorative? Sure we can! Hovever, mostly these hoods are manufactured in the modern style and if your kitchen style is rural or, perhaps, baroque, we might need to find other solutions.

Some tips for choosing the hood: pick the colors and the shapes that dupicate the ones you already have n the kitchen. If your backsplash tiles are black, why not pick a black hood? If you want your hood to be totally discreet in your kitchen, you can integrate it in your ceiling as long as it is not too high. Finally, for a modern hood, choose a model that is attached to the wall. With chrome finish and clean lines, it will bring the look of a minimalist kitchen.

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