Before and After: The White and Silver Style



Small changes — that’s what is making your apartment look new again and again. I don’t believe in design that lasts for decades without any change. The world around us doesn’t stand still; neither do we. That’s why I tend not to use the most expensive materials in the market as many designers do. Of course, it depends on the budget, but generally, you won’t make changes if the current design cost you a fortune. That’s my advice for today — leave some space for changes. And make changes from time to time. Maybe today?

I’d like to present you the 2014 update to my living room design — along with some old and even retro pictures for comparison.

My apartment looked like this before the initial design:

Then it changed several times

And changed again

More pictures from 2012-2013 can be found here

And finally I’m proud to present the current look of my apartment.

The White and Silver Style in 2014