As you might know, I like books. This time we will talk about the book shelves. Unusual bookshelves not only help organize your library, but also can be great addition to the design of the room.

First take a look on some of Zylbermann Interiors designs and then I’ll show you more creative examples from around the world.

Shelves by Zylbermann Interiors

Pay attention to the left side of the next picture: a shelf can fit anywhere!


Shelves from around the world

Invisible shelves

(by Miron Lior)

Tube shelves  (Industrial style)

by Kkatz

Built-in shelf

by Tembolat Gugkaev

Cubes shelf

Inspite it’s fragile look, this shelf (by Alexandro Gomes) can handle up to 50kg of books.

Mugs shelves

design by Scott Backwell

Will be read and has been read

Why not filter your books based on this principle? (by Mebrure Oral)

Books tree

by Kostas Sirtariotis

Tick (“V”) shelf

by Chon Go Park from South Korea

Work station

Here is an entire workstation made of laminated plywood, designed by «MisoSoupDesign». It can be assembled easily and it even allows multiple builds.



Award winning seat-shelve by Canadian agency “Fishbol”


Corner shelve “Kulma”

Martina Karpelan designed this shelve to fit in any corner.



One more design by Tembolat Gugkaev


And the last, but not the least,

The shelf of your dreams

by Dripta Roy

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