Situated in the Rehavia neighborhood of Jerusalem, this apartment belongs to an elderly Jewish couple. The location is perfect for them – close to the city center, but quiet and cozy. The interior design before the renovation left much to be desired, as it had not been touched for decades. Take a look at ‘before and after’ photos.

The apartment required a complete renovation, starting with a new layout for the huge living room, in order to add a small home-office. The aim was also to make the smaller living room look larger than it had been beforehand, by improving the lighting, both from the outside and the inside, while keeping it cozy and comfortable.

David Zylbermann calls the style of this apartment “Classic Europe” because of the strong influence of Western Classicism. “Proportion, symmetry and geometry are very important to me, as well as details: small creative pieces of art that bring a uniqueness in every interior I design” — says David Zylbermann.


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