Spring is just a perfect time to renovate your home with some new interior design ideas. I’ve gathered a few for you:

Automobile closet — the most impressive eyecatcher ever!

Well, how about a table?

A room for pets

Half-room graffiti

Your old Vespa’s second life

Amazingly cozy windowsill

Full room bed… Soft, isn’t it?

Fluorescent wallpaper for the kids’ room

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Skyline shelves for youth room

One door fits all

Decorating walls is fun, if you do it right:

Perhaps, it can be colorful (and useful) if you use PostIt stickers

Family tree on the wall:

For everyone who likes to hang stuff on the back of the chair:

Well-designed stairs

You can be creative even with wall sockets!

Or door handles:

Take a look at this gorgeous “Waterfall” sofa!

And the last, but not the least, “Night City” blinds:


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