Let me show you some creative ideas for your home decoration. Hope you’ll find something useful!

Wood Peg Collection furniture by Studio Gorm is designed to be assembled in seconds withou any tools. And when you don’t need that table — just hang it on the wall.



Superhero night light isn’t going to fight evil in your room, but at least it brings light!



Have a broken plate? Don’t hurry to throw it out! Cindy-Lee Davies from Australia can make a nice butterfly art with it!


Reservoir Rug is a kind of a small carpet. Made by Mr. Dean Brown’s design studio.



Disappearing Repisa by Sebastian Errazuriz — you can fold and unfold them. It must look even better with some books.



Skyline Multi Hook — in case you miss NY or, perhaps, some other city with considerable skyline.


One more creative shelf: Wintertree Shelf by 21st Design.


Unusual hangers from Hang Up Coats collection. That’s one extra pair of hands you’ve always wanted.


Want to have a phone box at home? Well, Axia Design produce one. Privacy — even at home.


And the last one — special chair with a warm-up function. Wish you all a warm and pleasant time! Take care about yourself. And take care about somebody else.

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